A Complete Currency Guide To Episode: Choose Your Story Game!

currency guide to episode choose your story

Lots of story-based games are out there by the game industry, having different challenges, chapters, and features. Episode: Choose Your Story is one of the trendiest fun-loving RPG story game introduced for Android and iOS devices.

There is no need to pay money for playing the game as the developers entirely offer it for free. New kinds of challenges, 3D graphics, features, controls are added in the game, which makes it different and amazing from others.

You should try the game once for exploring endless fun and reducing mental stress.

When it comes to purchasing in-game items or unlocking every kind of story, players need to obtain in-game currencies.

There are two kinds of currencies used in Episode: Choose Your Story game named gems and passes.

Maintaining all currencies helps you to play smoothly and progress faster like no one another can. If you don’t know anything about Episode: Choose Your Story game currencies, try to focus on the forthcoming content more.

Role of currencies

Do you want to know the purpose of every currency in the game? if yes, understand the mentioned content more-

  • Gems

Gems are considered as the premium currency of the game that helps players to earn superior items and stories as well. Gems can also be used for making essential decisions smoothly without making any mistakes or issues.

  • Passes

Passes are the second main currency of Episode: Choose Your Story game that is used for unlocking various stories, events, characters, and items.

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Also, after every 4 hours, users are offered a certain amount of currencies in specific amounts.

How to earn in game currencies?

To solve the doubt of users how to gain all currencies in a more massive amount, here we have mentioned some ways on how to hack episode game for free gems as well as passes legally.

Adopting some useful strategies helps an individual to achieve all targets efficiently as soon as possible, like no one another can.

  • Watch free ads

It is considered as one of the simplest currencies earning method as in this; you don’t need to waste efforts. Simply, a user needs to watch ads up to 50 to 60 seconds to gain certain currencies more.

Always grab the chance of watching free ads as it may help in various deficiency situations. In simple words, it helps you to gain currencies in harder conditions immediately without making any purchase.

  • Complete daily tasks and collect rewards

Every day, you are going to find some exciting daily challenges and rewards. Signing in the game daily help gamers to receive an array of awards, currencies as well as prizes.

Also, completing various challenges permits them to gain all items in a more massive amount.

  • Essential challenges

In every story, a user needs to accept the problems from which they can earn lots of bonus. Don’t try to skip the obstacles as it is a most fabulous way to make in game currencies. So, enjoy your favorite stories, earn more, and achieve personal goals as soon as possible without any stress.

Currency Guide to Hill Climb Racing 2 Game!

Hill Climb Racing 2 Currency Guide

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a trending racing game introduced for Android and iOS devices. New kinds of gameplay, exciting racing, missions, challenges are added in the game to make it more amazing.

Playing Hill Climb Racing 2 smoothly allows you to become addicted to the game and explore endless entertainment.

Well, there is no need to pay any charge for playing the game as it is free offered by Fingersoft games. Every user in the game needs to control the racing car while going upside and down to the hills.

Lots of obstacles you need to face while playing any level as it makes you tensed how to pass smoothly.

With the help of in-game currencies, you can purchase upgraded items from which players can reach final goals easily.

Different kinds of currencies are added that can be used to purchase various racing features, items, upgrades besides to perform every work smoothly.

It means you need to maintain all currencies in a more massive amount. Mentioned below are all information about in game currencies that you should know.

Game Coins

Coins are the primary currency of the game, which can be used to purchase needy stuff as well as perform essential tasks.

Also, there are many ways available in Hill Climb Racing 2 to earn this currency. It can be used to upgrade the existing vehicle in order to pass every mission faster without getting stressed.

If you are a beginner in Hill Climb Racing 2 game, try to pass more races for earning coins more.

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Game Gems

Gems are considered as the premium currency of the game that can be used to purchase expensive items and to perform superior tasks smoothly.

From this currency, you can buy valuable vehicles as well as upgrades to pass hard tasks easily. With the help of magical boxes, players can earn this currency in a specific amount and can purchase it from the App store.

Use the currency wisely on the upgrades as in further levels; you need it more. Gamers can open magical boxes per hour to grab different items, bonuses as well as gems.

Use all currencies wisely

All gamers are suggested to use the currencies wisely as its not an easy task to earn them quickly. You should perform various tasks for obtaining in-game currencies in a sufficient amount.

Don’t try to waste all currencies on unnecessary items that are not useful or matters a lot. Think twice for using gems and coins that help users to progress faster like no one another can.

How to earn coins and gems more?

Here are some of the hill climb racing 2 hack and cheats to earn in game currencies-

  • Players are able to obtain a specific amount of coins and gems by completing the sign-up process daily.
  • Winning more and more races permits you to ear both currencies in a more massive amount.
  • Try not to crash while going down to hills as some players leave the controls. It allows you to pass hard levels and making extra points.

What are the main characteristics of the Coin Master game?

coin master game characteristics

There are many coins game in the game world nut the Coin Master is the best coin game. The way the player collects the coins is exciting and fascinating.

Players go ahead to win the game and gather the maximum points. We have to make the building in the village when a player makes the building; it takes him towards the great victory in the game.

A player faces many attacks of enemies, who want to destroy the village of the player. The player takes revenge from the foes and collects the point to rebuild the village.

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Characteristics of the Coin Master:

  • Machine

  1. The slot machine is an exciting aspect of the game. By using the slot machine, you earn plenty of coins. Here, you get the hammer, which is a game item to attack other players. A hammer only can be gained by using the slot machine; it solely depends on the fortune of the player. When you make the attack through, you have five spots to hit, choose one and it. User can use this hammer only once after one use hammer gets disappear.
  2. The second thing you can get by using the slot machine is a shield. This shield saves you from the attack of the enemies. It compels the enemy to run because it works as a protection for the player. Shield also can be used only one time, after it vanishes.
  3. The Machine also gets you a pig face, which gives to use a lot of power in the game. But it is difficult to get the pig face in the game. If the player manages to get the pig face, then he should go to rob the master village; this legit coin master free coins hack will gives you more gold coins than anything.
  • Village shopping

You get the chance in the Coin Master game to shopping in the village. For buying the items in the village, you need to collect the points. Shopping provides you many things which you can use to defeat the enemy. You cannot imagine the treasure in the village of the enemy. Get plenty of coins using coin master free coins cheat and make an entry in the other’s community.

  • Map
  • Here, you get a map which you can use to see the village. This map keeps the player update about the condition of the village. If the player sees any harmful activity in the village, he moves to the village and protects it.
  • Cards

We also collect the card making a raid in the villages. When we go in the territory of the foes, it gives a chance to a player earning the points. These points help to the player the gather the cards in the Coin Master game.

  • Share with friends

The game also has the feature to share with friends. A player can invite the Coin Master game on the Facebook page of the friends.

They can accept the request of the game and play with each- other. When your friends play the game through your invitation, it also makes money for you.