FIFA 20 Great Ways To Improve Playing Skills


Every year Electronic Arts comes with some new features and actions, and it makes the game more amazing and interesting.

FIFA 20 is the latest edition, and it is coming with several new techniques, teams, jerseys, players, and many more things.

The best thing about FIFA 20 is its graphics and techniques that make it better than all other previous versions. Each and every player who plays FIFA 20 wants to be best, and for that, they have to compete in several modes and learn techniques. The developer EA itself gives all tips and tricks about game for the players, you should go and checkout them.

If you have played the previous version, then I must say that you have to learn so many things s in FIFA 20 as well.

Every player who plays FIFA 20 is saying it will surpass every other FIFA game, and it will be the best soccer game in the gaming industry.

There are several fifa 20 cheats to get free fifa coins as well as gameplay tricks that will make you a good player, and you will know every technique of the game.

Improve the Skills in FIFA 20

Improve the Defending

Fact about defending that if you don’t have a much-attacking player, you still can win if you have great defending players and techniques.

Lots of players in FIFA 20 focus on defending, and that is why always they keep them active and put their team in winning until the match over. Best way to learn the defending moves id to play with AI because they know perfectly that how to defend.

You can be a smart player in FIFA 20, but when you are defending, then no one can do it better than AI, and you have to learn from them too.

After seeing the techniques you can try it in practice sessions and later apply in the real matches to improve your skills.

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Improve the passing

If you just started to play FIFA 20 then, I suggest you take the classes on the practice sessions, and you will find many new ways of passing.

You may know the older ways to pass, but in this new version, some new ways have released, and they are very effective against so many players.

Passing is a major thing if you are looking to win. Passing looks easy, but when you play a match with AI in difficult mode, then you will know how things change instantly when you are in front of strong players.

Power tackles

As mentioned above, that FIFA 20 came with several new techniques, and power tackles are part of it. The majority of players who play FIFA 20 don’t know about it, and you better know about it as soon as possible because it can improve so many skills and make your team a victorious team.

It is kinds of power that will make the players do focus on the ball so much, and they can use it as the power tackle, and it can easily make you a winner and enhance the skills.

Factors To Remember While Playing Mario Kart Tour


Are you trying to progress in the Mario Kart Tour game? Desire to play faster without facing any issue? Want to increase your online rank?

If yes, to solve all these queries besides achieving all targets, users must focus on the forthcoming content more. Here we are going to mention some exciting factors while playing the Mario Kart Tour game.

It helps users to remove all playing mistakes and enhance their overall performance at a higher level. Well before directly jumping to the core factors, let’s have a quick overview of the Mario Kart Tour game once.

Mario Kart Tour is one of the fantastic 2D multiplayer racing game out by Nintendo for Android and iOS devices. Players can go on a grand world tour with their friends in Mario Kart Tour.

The tracks of the game based on real city roads in order to give a realistic action experience to players.  You can easily play the game for exploring endless fun besides reducing daily life stress.

Focus on the items

Drivers, gliders, karts, and badges are some of the essential in-game items in which users need to pay more attention.

Try to collect more and more details in order to gain an array of benefits, rewards, cool prizes as well as in game currencies.

While playing the game, they can collect more items, also with the help of grand stars or in-game currencies. Every player is suggested to focus on in-game items more using mario kart tour hack for progressing faster like no one another can.

Grand stars

When it comes to unlocking more racetracks or tours in the Mario Kart Tour game, gamers need to earn grand stars. It helps them to open their personal journey as well as a racing track.

With that, you can enjoy the game more besides can learn how to go far faster. There are many ways available in the game to earn this element, such as winning particular challenges, using currencies, or in-app purchases feature.

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Special or bonus challenges

Hundreds of unique or bonus problems you can find in the Mario Kart Tour game, which you need to complete. With the help of these challenges, gamers are able to gain additional rewards and currencies.

If an individual need to learn more benefits besides playing the game smoothly, he/she is suggested to play bonus challenges more. Also, it permits all players to create new winning strategies, as playing more challenges is like practicing more.

Classic and frenzy mode

There are various classic or frenzy modes available in the game that players can play. Each mode offers different challenges besides fun.

It means users need to play all classic modes to earn rewards in a more massive amount and to explore endless entertainment.

Make sure that you fixed the controls, characters of Mario Kart Tour in order to win faster. Setting up controls as per comfortability helps you to control the cars as well as characteristics as per wish. So, try to practice more in getting victory efficiently.

Introduction Of Guns Of Glory And Beginners Guide


It is clear by the first glance that popularity of the Guns of Glory is mushrooming day by day only because of its great features. Now you can easily start playing this game into your mobile device such as Android and iOS platforms.

Well, people really like the RTS gameplay that give them opportunity to build their own powerful army and start team up with the other friends around the world in order to shoot down the enemies. You can easily start playing the friends and defeat the other enemies wisely for getting better outcomes.

Not only this, plethora kinds of guns and many other great things have been used in the process of playing the game. Hence, we can say that you are going to play a very unique game.

Be preparing for playing along with great strategy and army for battle, fight in front of the other enemies and try to improve the castle.

In this article, I am going to share some valuable aspects related to the Guns of Glory game and its great features that made this game unique rather than other MMO games so get ready to take its advantages.

Build an army

As you know that you need to face lots of battles in the game so there would be lots of great battles those will occurred in the game. Join the FB account of game to fund some great friends in guns of glory

Therefore, you need to stay always ready for facing the battle along with the army that you made always. You can use great and loyal Musketeers for building the army wisely even you can manage the resources and construct the devious traps that will protect you from the attacks.

In addition to this, you can easily start working on the raid process in the bases of the enemies into the oblivion. It could be a great and strong point for you to defeat the other team perfectly.

Powerful airships

Airships that you will find in the game so simply use them and shoot down the enemies. You just need to lead your army that is going to kill the other enemy’s bases and attack them in the battles.

As we have already mentioned that there are lots of aircrafts and other great things are available that can help you to play the game perfectly.

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Even you can easily use the deadly advanced aircraft for a new level of RTS warfare. However, don’t forget to customize the flying warship because this is very important thing. You can read the reviews at different online source you can came to know more about some of the guns of glory hack and tricks.

World war!

Players really like the world war and seamless chat translation feature that is available for the multiplayer so be ready for it.

You can easily try the GoG’s multiplayer RTS and RPG gameplay richer rather than before for building the army and other great empire that will automatically protect you from the attacks which are coming from the enemies of the other team.

Enjoy Playing NBA Live Mobile Game On Your System


NBA live mobile is one of the most popular basketball games for the PC users. Actually, this game was developed by the EA sports for android and iOS that makes it to use on both tablets and smart phones.

Now, the latest version of NBA live mobile game has come up with extra ordinary features for the mobile users. This game also finely works on the freemium model, where you can download this game to play for free and also pay an extra cost for extra functional features while playing this game.

But the payments are optional in this game and you do not really want to spend real money from your pocket for this game. The EA sports have been used this model for all the mobile users, so you can simply play this game.

Once you decide to play this game, first of all you need to have an active internet connection to login and then begin to play a game.

This means that you have a stable Wi-Fi network to enjoy the EA sport’s online games and take some time to establish the connection with EA services and work smoothly because of heavy traffic.

This NBA live game always feels very smoother and also loads very faster as well. Fortunately, the EA sports have kept this game file size of low and it takes up to 67 MB after installation.

After a few days of the game play, you get another 60 MB, so the game does not feel cheap or lacking in visuals.

Excellent Features of NBA Live Mobile

Below are the excellent game features of NBA live mobile that includes:

  • Daily updated tasks
  • Amazing graphics
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Dynamic matches
  • Real teams and NBA players
  • Challenging with Face book friends

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NBA Live Mobile Game Play

This NBA live game actually follows the same built team model as like in the FIFA ultimate team. You are able to develop your own team with a team of players you want and also provide you resources, which needs you to pay for them.

By spending your real money, you can speed up the things and also getting more coins to buy your favorite players that you actually want.

If you are not ready to spend your real money, then you should start learning how to get free nba live mobile coins from the game itself that helps you to earn some amount of coins and other resources.

If you are not much familiar with the NBA teams and players, you just go through the player details and ratings on the strength and weakness of the players that help you to decide which players are more important to choose.

This live mobile game also provides some sticker boxes along with useful tricks and hints that help you to handle the controls on this game.

The NBA live mobile game menus look like EA sports’ UFC game, so you can easily keep track of your upcoming match, leagues, the whole season, your team, auction window and also visit the store.

A Complete Currency Guide To Episode: Choose Your Story Game!

currency guide to episode choose your story

Lots of story-based games are out there by the game industry, having different challenges, chapters, and features. Episode: Choose Your Story is one of the trendiest fun-loving RPG story game introduced for Android and iOS devices.

There is no need to pay money for playing the game as the developers entirely offer it for free. New kinds of challenges, 3D graphics, features, controls are added in the game, which makes it different and amazing from others.

You should try the game once for exploring endless fun and reducing mental stress.

When it comes to purchasing in-game items or unlocking every kind of story, players need to obtain in-game currencies.

There are two kinds of currencies used in Episode: Choose Your Story game named gems and passes.

Maintaining all currencies helps you to play smoothly and progress faster like no one another can. If you don’t know anything about Episode: Choose Your Story game currencies, try to focus on the forthcoming content more.

Role of currencies

Do you want to know the purpose of every currency in the game? if yes, understand the mentioned content more-

  • Gems

Gems are considered as the premium currency of the game that helps players to earn superior items and stories as well. Gems can also be used for making essential decisions smoothly without making any mistakes or issues.

  • Passes

Passes are the second main currency of Episode: Choose Your Story game that is used for unlocking various stories, events, characters, and items.

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Also, after every 4 hours, users are offered a certain amount of currencies in specific amounts.

How to earn in game currencies?

To solve the doubt of users how to gain all currencies in a more massive amount, here we have mentioned some ways on how to hack episode game for free gems as well as passes legally.

Adopting some useful strategies helps an individual to achieve all targets efficiently as soon as possible, like no one another can.

  • Watch free ads

It is considered as one of the simplest currencies earning method as in this; you don’t need to waste efforts. Simply, a user needs to watch ads up to 50 to 60 seconds to gain certain currencies more.

Always grab the chance of watching free ads as it may help in various deficiency situations. In simple words, it helps you to gain currencies in harder conditions immediately without making any purchase.

  • Complete daily tasks and collect rewards

Every day, you are going to find some exciting daily challenges and rewards. Signing in the game daily help gamers to receive an array of awards, currencies as well as prizes.

Also, completing various challenges permits them to gain all items in a more massive amount.

  • Essential challenges

In every story, a user needs to accept the problems from which they can earn lots of bonus. Don’t try to skip the obstacles as it is a most fabulous way to make in game currencies. So, enjoy your favorite stories, earn more, and achieve personal goals as soon as possible without any stress.

Currency Guide to Hill Climb Racing 2 Game!

Hill Climb Racing 2 Currency Guide

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a trending racing game introduced for Android and iOS devices. New kinds of gameplay, exciting racing, missions, challenges are added in the game to make it more amazing.

Playing Hill Climb Racing 2 smoothly allows you to become addicted to the game and explore endless entertainment.

Well, there is no need to pay any charge for playing the game as it is free offered by Fingersoft games. Every user in the game needs to control the racing car while going upside and down to the hills.

Lots of obstacles you need to face while playing any level as it makes you tensed how to pass smoothly.

With the help of in-game currencies, you can purchase upgraded items from which players can reach final goals easily.

Different kinds of currencies are added that can be used to purchase various racing features, items, upgrades besides to perform every work smoothly.

It means you need to maintain all currencies in a more massive amount. Mentioned below are all information about in game currencies that you should know.

Game Coins

Coins are the primary currency of the game, which can be used to purchase needy stuff as well as perform essential tasks.

Also, there are many ways available in Hill Climb Racing 2 to earn this currency. It can be used to upgrade the existing vehicle in order to pass every mission faster without getting stressed.

If you are a beginner in Hill Climb Racing 2 game, try to pass more races for earning coins more.

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Game Gems

Gems are considered as the premium currency of the game that can be used to purchase expensive items and to perform superior tasks smoothly.

From this currency, you can buy valuable vehicles as well as upgrades to pass hard tasks easily. With the help of magical boxes, players can earn this currency in a specific amount and can purchase it from the App store.

Use the currency wisely on the upgrades as in further levels; you need it more. Gamers can open magical boxes per hour to grab different items, bonuses as well as gems.

Use all currencies wisely

All gamers are suggested to use the currencies wisely as its not an easy task to earn them quickly. You should perform various tasks for obtaining in-game currencies in a sufficient amount.

Don’t try to waste all currencies on unnecessary items that are not useful or matters a lot. Think twice for using gems and coins that help users to progress faster like no one another can.

How to earn coins and gems more?

Here are some of the hill climb racing 2 hack and cheats to earn in game currencies-

  • Players are able to obtain a specific amount of coins and gems by completing the sign-up process daily.
  • Winning more and more races permits you to ear both currencies in a more massive amount.
  • Try not to crash while going down to hills as some players leave the controls. It allows you to pass hard levels and making extra points.

3 Tips to Succeed In Fishdom Game Faster!

how to progress faster in fishdom game

Are you trying to become a pro player in Fishdom game? Do you want to succeed in the game faster like no one another can?

If yes, then all users need to pay attention to forthcoming content. Paying more attention helps them to achieve all targets quickly without getting stressed or without wasting more efforts.

Well, there are lots of practical ways available on game sites how to progress in Fishdom game. Going with the right techniques or tips is essential for players if they need to go proper always.

Before going to mention some useful tips, let’s have a quick review of Fishdom game first.

Fishdom is a famous match-3 game introduced by Playrix for Android and iOS devices. Lots of challenging missions and tasks are added in the game which you need to complete.

Completing all missions wisely help all players to explore endless entertainment in a short period. Also, they are able to reduce all mental stress.

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Earn in-game currencies

Each game contains some specific amount of currency from which different items can be purchased as well as various tasks can be performed.

Fishdom game also includes some currencies in the form of coins and Diamonds. These two currencies play a vital role in the game, which has its advantages.

Maintaining all currencies in the right amount helps you to play the game smoothly without getting stressed and enjoy every moment of deep dive.

It’s not an easy task for users to earn coins and diamonds, but also it’s not impossible. With the help of game tasks, one can make all currencies. Some of the fishdom hack are-

  • Feed the fish
  • Clean aquarium
  • Participating in events and challenges
  • Completing daily tasks
  • Connect with Facebook
  • Purchase from store

Match four or more pieces

Matching four or more pieces allow players to create various power-ups. Power-ups help to destroy all puzzle cubes quickly or make a big blast.

Matching four pieces will enable you to create a firecracker which can be spotted anywhere. Matching five pieces offers a bomb, and six parts offer dynamite.

It is suggested for all users to make combos as quick as possible. It permits them to pass every difficult level quickly like no one another can or without getting depressed.

Feed fish

Every fish in the game have a hunger limit, so always try to feed them more. Every day a user needs to open the game and need to check whether the fishes and completely fed or not.

Gamers need to feed them properly to fulfill fishes need. So it keeps all fishes happy, healthy, and fit. It permits you to play with fishes happily by spreading more comfort.

Also, it helps you to earn more star coins, which can be converted into diamonds and coins later.


We can easily conclude that following proper tips may help you to become the greatest player ever besides enjoy every game moment.

Modern Combat 5 – Go Through 2 Main Types of Currency!

Modern Combat 5 is the top-class most popular action game which aims to distribute the best gaming experience. In it, there are lots of stunning and classic features present.

The entire game depends on the chapters and story mode in which players have to complete all levels or stages significantly. Also, it includes an in-app purchases feature in it, which makes it easier for the players to buy everything by spending real-life money.

Now, let’s go through the two main types of in-game currency which are present in Modern Combat 5 and also about them every single person should know –

  1. Credits – It is the main type of currency, or you can say premium currency present in Modern Combat 5. The same type of currency is used purchasing items from the black market, from supply packs and, many more things also. Credits are also used for refill the abilities of suit and statues.
  2. Diamonds dust – It is the main type of currency, and by it, players easily make good progress in it. With the same currency, players easily buy all types of weapons and also upgrade them easily to make the more effective. Another thing is that if you buy anything from the black market, then the diamonds dusts are required in a good amount.

So, these two are the major type of currency which is present in Modern Combat 5 and about them every single person should know. A person should also know how to hack modern combat 5 for free diamonds and resources in this game.

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Conclusive words

One major thing that players need to know is that in order to make quick and good progress in Modern Combat 5, they require really a sufficient amount of credits and diamonds dust.

Players require a good amount of credits and diamonds dust to go ahead in Modern Combat 5 easily and quickly.

Taking multiplayer gaming to a new level with Golf clash moves

While penning down my experience of playing this exciting, new venture from Playdemic, I was initially into a sort of quagmire.

Keeping in mind the precision required to make this article sound compact and to the point, let’s start with the pot of important Gold coins.

I think we’re done with stuff like special golf balls, top, side, ball guide, curl or back spin and gold clubs, their strengths and individual statistics.

I am not wasting my mind by delving into the rudiments of the game.  The golf clash hack is noteworthy in this regard.

The bowl of gold coins

When you get into battle top, players end up galvanizing gold coins or anteing them. For example in Tour 3, I paid an entry fee of 800. Both I and my rival were compelled to pay 800 gold coins.

To be precise, in this fold, 1.6k or 1600 gold coins lead into a pot. The victor then takes away all the money. Using the golf clash cheats was fascinating because I could give the gold coins without dishing out anything.

That was after the first time I played the game. The generator gave me a throng of such coins.

As I moved further

In the process of this gold coin modality, I found that players actually wager money each time they go into a match. For me, it’s no less than a gamble because the winner ends up taking the entire amount.

But, it’s thrilling and packed with fun. I could clinch all the nine trophies in my third tour. The best thing is that the titles got added to the kitties I obtained from my previous tours.

However, the most challenging, disheartening yet interesting aspect is that if you lose in this stage, as many as six of your trophies will be taken from you and given to your foe. Now, that’s terrible thing but with the hack tool, wining was easy for me.

The fun of hacking

With the new, addictive style and game-play of Golf Clash, it was my task to look for the most lucrative items in the house. It’s especially pivotal if you seek to perform in the middle of the road and perform better than your competitors.

I’d urge players to use the cheats and golf clash generator for attaining glory in a short time. I found it be an extremely easy and simple tool with one of the best ever user-interfaces.

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The generator gem

It didn’t take me long to learn how to hack golf clash. The generator could do all the hard work and tricks for me. After obtaining free coins and gems in golf clash, I got the leverage and abundant scope to negate those annoying and interrupting in-app purchases at my own will.

The generators from the reliable websites entail the same functions. All are equally strong but you need to be careful about the site you are using the tool from. Many are fake sites. I have a simple motto in this regard; climb up the block like a smart player and say no to hardcore grinding!

Guide About Currencies Used In “Matchington Mansion”- Mobile Game

Due to the rapid increase in the game industry, a new mobile game is becoming more popular, i.e. ‘Matchington Mansion.’ In this game, a person needs to match three puzzles balls for creating their own beautiful mansion.

It provides lots of enjoyment to its users and allows them to improve many mental skills. With that, one can ideally reduce the stress from mind and can enjoy every moment.

But everyone knows that for playing any game there is used of some currencies. Same like in the Matchington Mansion game one needs to use such currencies for playing correctly.

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Mainly there are two types of currencies used in the game name as:-

  • Stars
  • Coins

Each currency plays its role in the game and has its own advantages. One cannot compare each currency as both are used for specific purposes. For playing the game smoothly, a user needs to earn both currencies in sufficient amount.

From these currencies, one can renovate their mansion to create it beautiful and secure.

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Buy from the app store

If a user needs to buy the coins and stars, then he/she can reach the app store from where the game is downloaded.  With that one don’t need to waste their more efforts to enjoy the game wisely.

It allows them to continuously purchase more furniture for the mansion and create it attractive. Before going to purchase currency one needs to read all the terms and conditions carefully. It allows them to take much discount offers.

Connect with facebook

When one goes to start the game, then he/she can earn free coins by simple cheats for matchington mansion. You are allowed to connect the game account with facebook account. With that, you can earn 500 coins free to run the game and to purchase new furniture for the mansion.

Also from those coins, one can replay the level if he/she gets fails to pass it.

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