FIFA 20 Great Ways To Improve Playing Skills


Every year Electronic Arts comes with some new features and actions, and it makes the game more amazing and interesting.

FIFA 20 is the latest edition, and it is coming with several new techniques, teams, jerseys, players, and many more things.

The best thing about FIFA 20 is its graphics and techniques that make it better than all other previous versions. Each and every player who plays FIFA 20 wants to be best, and for that, they have to compete in several modes and learn techniques. The developer EA itself gives all tips and tricks about game for the players, you should go and checkout them.

If you have played the previous version, then I must say that you have to learn so many things s in FIFA 20 as well.

Every player who plays FIFA 20 is saying it will surpass every other FIFA game, and it will be the best soccer game in the gaming industry.

There are several fifa 20 cheats to get free fifa coins as well as gameplay tricks that will make you a good player, and you will know every technique of the game.

Improve the Skills in FIFA 20

Improve the Defending

Fact about defending that if you don’t have a much-attacking player, you still can win if you have great defending players and techniques.

Lots of players in FIFA 20 focus on defending, and that is why always they keep them active and put their team in winning until the match over. Best way to learn the defending moves id to play with AI because they know perfectly that how to defend.

You can be a smart player in FIFA 20, but when you are defending, then no one can do it better than AI, and you have to learn from them too.

After seeing the techniques you can try it in practice sessions and later apply in the real matches to improve your skills.

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Improve the passing

If you just started to play FIFA 20 then, I suggest you take the classes on the practice sessions, and you will find many new ways of passing.

You may know the older ways to pass, but in this new version, some new ways have released, and they are very effective against so many players.

Passing is a major thing if you are looking to win. Passing looks easy, but when you play a match with AI in difficult mode, then you will know how things change instantly when you are in front of strong players.

Power tackles

As mentioned above, that FIFA 20 came with several new techniques, and power tackles are part of it. The majority of players who play FIFA 20 don’t know about it, and you better know about it as soon as possible because it can improve so many skills and make your team a victorious team.

It is kinds of power that will make the players do focus on the ball so much, and they can use it as the power tackle, and it can easily make you a winner and enhance the skills.

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