Madden NFL 17: Top 10 improvements of the game

In this chapter I would like to include a quick Top 10 list of gaming experts which they see as a major improvement in the latest release of the game.  All in all when it comes to the latest version released in 2016, the critiques are mostly very optimistic and talk more about the positives than about the negatives when it comes to this game. So, let’s see the list.

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  1. Highly improved visual experience

The excellent visual experience you can get to see in the latest Madden NFL game is luckily a great attribute that has also transpired to the game’s mobile app versions, this way delivering a very good user experience for all the gadget users too.  Thanks to high profile face scanning methods, you can very well recognise most players and this just brings everyone much closer to a totally realistic football experience.

Fun fact: if you look at the crowd, you will see that everyone there is wearing NFL’s official apparel lines.

  1. Suction blocking issue addressed

Unlike the previous Madden series, whicgh have shared a common error by players constantly being suddenly suctioned into a previously unseen block, it seems like the development team could finally successfully address this issue and it’s not apparent any longer in the newest version.

  1. Gang tackle included

This has been something that didn’t really work all that well in the previous versions. Luckily now, one can use gang tackling and it also looks very lifelike too. And as an extra now half sacks and other tackles can also be recorded.

  1. The addition of the monolyth

What is a monolyth?  In terms of NFL and American Football broadcasting methods, a monolyth is a large overlay that shows statistics and further interesting information during the game. Taken straight from real life the newest version of Madden NFL has very well working monolyths during the games.

  1. A much improved Receiver control

In the older version of the game one wasn’t really able to make that many of decisions. For instance when it comes to receivers their list of key decisions include the following:

  • Either secure the possession catch to get the ball
  • Try a flashy grab which is the riskier way
  • Receive the ball in stride that’s more secure and also gains yardage

Now, in the newest Madden you can also make these decisions, and for it to be more realistic you will see every one of your receivers’ skillsets, so that can further assist you with the decision of what way of receiving you go for for a certain player.

There are other features included in both Maddden 16 and 17 in order to improve the user experience and make the game as reallistic as it can possibly get.  But until then, if you are still a rookie in gaming, I would highly advise you to download the mobile app for the game where madden mobile tricks can further help you.  If you will ever have money problems check out one of the madden mobile coin hack websites online.

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