The Real Ways to Get Free V Bucks

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Let’s first take a small introduction or the history of the fortnite battle royale. Fortnite battle royale is first-person shooting game made by an eminent company known as the epic games. Fortnite battle royale is multiplayer FPS game was developed for the all digital platforms like Windows, Mac, ios, Xbox, ps etc. excluding Android, but the epic games will announce on their official website that, they will launch its Android version in mid-2018.

When once the game was launched in the gaming industry, it will take new heights and make its victory of popularity in the game industry, due to its gameplay content. The game is very unique contents that, it has been not limited to only multiplayer fps, but the game only one of its kind of twist is that the game starts through the skydive, hundreds of players dive from sky and land on reliable map and they need to find weapons to kill another player, the main aim in the game is to stay alive till to the match ended.

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The fortnite game has one more unique feature is that it will allow the player to build a wall, shelter in a nanosecond for defensive purpose. the battle is to play on the island in the game but here this playing area also twist is that, when the anyone player dies in the match, then the size of the island getting decrease and other player need to play is in tighter place.

Top Legit Methods to Get Free V Bucks In Fortnite

V bucks, this is the primary currency of the game. V bucks are the personal money of the game, which is needed to buy in the switch of the real money with some microtransaction. Earning v bucks at the beginning of the game is quite impossible for the beginners in the fortnite. But there are some real ways to get v bucks for free, we describe free v bucks methods in the below article, you just need read it till at its end, for earn v bucks free.

Remember that, why the v bucks are important? V bucks are important to buy the battle passes of the fortnite battles, it’s like a cycle, you need to pay v bucks for battle and again earn v bucks from this battle but it will depend on you that how much you can earn from battles. V bucks are also used to buy weapons skins and other flairs of the player. So, let’s start to learn free v bucks methods.

Exchange Real Money With In-Game Money 

you think that exchanging real money with the v bucks is not real way to earn free v bucks in fortnite, because we will pay for that v bucks. Yes? But this is an official way to earn free v bucks feature by the fortnite team.

Off course this tip is for those people, who spend some quite amount of money for their amazing game. So fortnite battle royale team features a microtransaction in exchange money to v bucks, but there has main fact that, no one will look there that, they will also give some bonus v bucks free as a gift with your selected package, and these v bucks also come into the category of free v bucks.

Those bonus gifts of free v bucks are as follows, if you buy the big package like of 10,000 v bucks in $99.9, then you got 3500 v bucks free on this package it means you got free v bucks of $30.9 free on this package, so best part of this transaction is that you got 13,500 v bucks in only 70 dollars.

There are many more transaction likes above, and other packages are 6000 v bucks in 59.9 dollars with the bonus of 1500 v bucks. 2500 v bucks in 24.9 dollars with the bonus of 300 v bucks.

So this is the only one official way created by the fortnite team to earn v bucks, now let’s look for the second one.

Don’t Try To Use Fortnite V Bucks Hack Tools 

there are no other any legit methods for free v bucks, therefore don’t trust on any type online or offline hack tools, which promise you to give unlimited v bucks. The whole mechanism of the fortnite game is well protected and well maintained by their online protecting team. You Might try free v bucks generator if you want, We are sharing some of the working generators for v bucks in fortnite

There are many websites and offline apps which promise you to give and also show that you got x amount of v bucks on your fortnite account, but that doesn’t happen, and also stole your fortnite account information and try to steal your v bucks.

There are some limited tricks or a legit method for free v bucks that, they allow you to do in the game to get v bucks free.

Enter the Game Every Day

we also called it daily login. This is also one another trick to get free v bucks. There is your own account on the fortnite battle royale. Daily login gives free v bucks but you need to log in daily cause they know that how many times you play or open the game, and they stay focus on your logins.

There are some special days that you got your v bucks for login daily like if you log in to the game daily for the first 11 days you got payment at 11th day for login at fortnite game; like that there are some selected days that you got your payment of v bucks. If you log in at your 336th day, then you got 1000 v bucks for free.

Daily login gives not only the v bucks they also give other grand prizes of daily login, like when you log in at the 36th day, you got legendary survivor transform key and at 100th day you got legendary hero transform key.

So these are some real ways to get v bucks for free in fortnite battle royale. Is this article is helpful for you? If yes then please share it with your friends.

If there are some common topics to cover by us then tell us in the comment section. Stay tuned with fortnite battle royale and with us for more new updates and new games.

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